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Staging Accessories


What's your favorite staging accessory?

AREA RUGS - Rugs can really help you define a large space. We also use them to stage bedrooms. Put a few pillows and a serving tray on top of a rug instead of racking up the cost of full-sized bed and accessories.

SHEER CURTAINS - A tension rod with a white sheer curtain on the windows is cheap. It dresses up a window but still allows light to come in. Also, no tools are needed to hang the rod!

SIDE TABLES - Trunks and suitcases in place of a side table are good ideas. It adds interest because it is unexpected but appealing to a wide varitety of buyers.

TIMERS FOR LIGHTS - This is best during holidays or when showing homes in the evening. It makes an inviting atmosphere for the potential home buyer.

FABULOUS FABRIC - Buy fabric to coordinate with the type of home you are staging. Ideas would be to cover a large canvas with fabric for art or headboards. Also fabric can be used to toss at the end of the bed for added color.

FRESH FLOWERS, MIRRORS, AND CANDY...Clear canisters in the kitchen filed with some candy is a simple added touch that has alot of color. Mirrors in an entry way is nice to make the home look very open upon entering. Fresh flowers are always a great eye catcher, even if it is one flower in a small vase to dress up a bathroom.

I hope these tips help to stage your home!

April/May 2011 REALTOR Magazine

6 Worth-the-Price Fix Ups



1. Cleaning and decluttering - remove any personal items, unclutter countertops, organize closets and shelves. Cost $290 Return $1,990!!!!

2. Brightening - Clean windowns insid and out, replace old curtains, update lighting fixtures and remove anything that blocks light from the windows. Cost $370 Return $1,550!

3. Smart Staging - Rearrange funiture, bring in new accessories and furnishings to enhance room. Cost $550 Return $2,194!

4. Landscaping Enhancements - Punch up the home's curb appeal in the front yard. Add some mulch, bushes, and flowers. Cost $540 Return $1,932!

5. Repairing Electrical or Plumbing - Fix leaks under sinks, remove mildew stains, and ensure all plumbing is in good working condition. Update the home's electrical with new wiring for modern appliances, fix lights or outlets that done work and replace old plug points with new saftety fixtures. Cost $535 Return $1,505!

6. Replacing or Shampooing dirty carpet - Stem clean carpet, replace worn carpet, and repair any floor creaks. Cost $647 Return $1,739!

Excerpted from Home Gain's 2011 Home Sale maximizer survey,

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